President/ Lead Designer

Nikki Dixon

If you asked me in high school where I wanted to be when I grew up, I probably would have said a Sports Psychologist or Modeling for high end clothing designers somewhere lost in Europe or the Middle East. Somewhere foreign.  I suppose, in a way,  that vision has come true. Instead of Modeling abroad I played professional basketball overseas after I graduated from Clemson University on a full-ride student-athlete scholarship. Traveling around the world has opened my eyes to different textures, contrast, moods, and synergy that different cultures captive, blend, and form beautifully under one space.  I like to think of my interior style as an well-rounded innovator.


My focus with my many  projects is to be courageous, subtle, innovative, and to lead. I understand the importance of creating a luxurious space and making every dollar count. Regardless of incorporating a couture statement piece or the soft touches of a vintage find, I believe that it is not about the amount you spend that gives your home style, it is how you layer your space together beautifully within reason.

The interior team at Naròn Designs will expertly reflect your personal taste and style.