While the team at Narón Designs is versatile and capable of accommodating various styles, their niche expertise lies in crafting designs centered around Modern Minimalism, Organic Wabi-Sabi, Dark and Light Scandinavian, and Spanish Colonial aesthetics. Narón’s mission is to create spaces that evoke a timeless and sophisticated ambiance.


Naron Designs - Interior Design

Modern Minimalist interior design is a home decor style that emphasizes simplicity, functionality and the use of a more limited color palette often consisting of white, black, and neutral colors. This decorating style is generally characterized by clean lines, softer use of neutral colors and a focuses on open spaces with minimal furnishings giving a “less is more” design style.


Naron Designs - Interior Design

The Organic Wabi-Sabi interior design is about tranquility and simplicity. Wabi-Sabi design places a strong emphasis on the use of natural materials. From raw wood and stone to handmade textiles, the inclusion of these materials not only connects the design to nature but also introduces a tactile and organic quality. The intention is to create an environment that feels grounded and in harmony with the natural world. Neutral colors like warm whites and taupe will help your space feel serene and calming.


Scandinavian interior design is simple, clean, and cozy. It feels tied to nature through neutral colors and wood accents. From cozy knits to sheepskin and wool, these add both interest and literal warmth to a space. Scandinavian design aims for functional and timeless beauty, verging on minimalism while embracing design decisions that primarily for aesthetic value.  While  “Scandi” designs are usually associated with light tones, Dark “Scandi” design incorporates more dark and dramatic shades that make a big and lasting impression.


Naron Designs - Interior Design

Spanish Colonial interior design creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with its rustic charm, ornate details, and vibrant colors. Visually, Spanish colonial interior designis similar to Mediterranean interior design. It features rich textures such as adobe and stucco walls, terracotta tiles, exposed wooden beams, cantera stone and rustic brickwork. This is a style that celebrates history, craftsmanship, and the fusion of Spanish and indigenous influences.