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What is the difference between Full-Service Design and Virtual-Service Design?

Full Service Interior Design involves larger scale projects and include in-person consultations, comprehensive project management, site visits, furniture procurement, and hands-on installation. Virtual Interior Design offers a more flexible, remote approach for one space at a time to create custom design plans and shopping lists that can be implemented on your own as time and budget allow.

What service is best for me?


  • For the busy professional seeking a beautifully designed space without the time or capacity to manage it personally.
  • You prefer entrusting professionals to elevate your home rather than taking on the task yourself.
  • Seeking a space renovation where professionals oversee the entire project from concept to completion.


  • Enjoy the convenience of online shopping but seek professional guidance to avoid mistakes and multiple returns with your purchases.
  • Value having a professional designer's guidance for a self-implemented design.
  • Prefer Narón Designs' professional room design with the affordability of E-Design.

What is the cost of Full Service Interior Design?

The designer fee fluctuates based on your project's scale, size, and timeline. You will be contacted to delve deeper into your project requirements and offered a more precise estimate.

What specific areas or styles of interior design do you specialize in?

While the team at Narón Designs is versatile and capable of accommodating various styles, our niche expertise lies in crafting designs centered around Modern Minimalist, Organic Wabi-Sabi, Dark and Light Scandinavian, and Spanish Colonial aesthetics.

Do you work with clients outside of your local area?

Absolutely! Narón Designs has projects all across the United States. While their global endeavors are currently limited, we encourage you to send them an inquiry so designers can discover more about your home base.

What is the project timeline?

The schedule for new builds is usually set by the builder or contractor. Narón’s team often receives an estimated build timeline from them, allowing to synchronize their design process with different stages. Typically, new builds span two to three years from start to finish. On the other hand, the duration for stud in homes varies, primarily based on the project's size and furniture delivery times.

How will you present your ideas?

Narón offers visual concepts through in-person or virtual meetings, presenting materials, mood boards and digitally created renderings of your space.

How involved in the process will I need to be?

Your collaborative approach is fully adaptable. As your committed design team, Narón’s team tailors their methods to align with your preferences. Some clients thrive on active involvement, contributing insights and engaging throughout each phase. Meanwhile, others opt for a more hands-off approach, often due to time limitations or other considerations.

Is there a minimum or maximum size project that you work with?

There are no set minimum or maximum project size limitations. Yet, Narón’s Virtual Design service specifically caters to single rooms or spaces. The team embraces a wide range of home types and projects, spanning from urban brownstones to investment properties.

Do you procure contractors, builders, and other trades?

While Narón Designs may be able to offer recommendations for contractors, builders, and other trades, it is ultimately the client's prerogative to source and make the final decision regarding hiring. 

Naron Designs - Interior Design